Adopt A Buffalo is a project that supports the Sacred Ground Intl. Buffalo (Bison)Ranch and Preserve. Sacred Ground International is a 501 (c) 3 organization in the Pryor Mountains of Montana committed to restoring and preserving land and wildlife that once flourished here. In 1996 we started with 10 donated buffalo and a prayer. We are 100% dependent on public contributions and participation. The herd is now 200 in number and it is people like you that have made their life purpose possible. The buffalo live on high mountain and prairie grasslands. They live wild and untouched. For millennia they have provided food, clothing, tools, shelter and spiritual strength to the people. Buffalo are “providers”. They stimulate and bring life to any grassland with their natural hoof action and grazing patterns. These huge, magnificent beings give so naturally and with such grace and intelligence. They are restoring tall grass, springs, bird habitat and a host of wildlife to the overgrazed and drought burdened landscape. They have so much to teach us about living in harmony with each other and our eco-system. All that we are learning we wish to share with you, the experiences, the challenges, the triumphs and the insights we are discovering as we observe and document the lives and habits of these ‘givers of life’. They show us our mistakes, reward us when we listen to them and collaborate….we are not raising them, they are raising us….to understandings we have forgotten or practice too seldom. Thank you for supporting our ability to share all of this with you.







A contribution of $40.00 per month supports the life of one buffalo. Our herd size averages about 200 head. This can be for as many months as you like and as many animals as you like. This is a wonderful way to feel more personally involved and to share with family and friends as gifts for special occasions and the special gift giving season of Christmas.


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  • Fencing to open more of the ranch for grazing….only half of the ranch is being used.
  • Winter hay to supplement when the snow drifts over the fence or they smell the local ranchers feeding their cows. This supports happy neighbors, happy fencers, and the buffalo are happy.
  • Staff to assist with the feeding and fencing, presently all done by volunteers.
  • Roads and infrastructure to house and sustain on sight staff.

Please visit our home site,, for a full picture of all that we are doing and are determined to achieve with your support.


Sacred Ground International and the Ranch are headquartered and co-exist on 3500 acres at the base of the Pryor Mountains located on the Crow Indian Reservation near Pryor, Montana. A model of sustainable ranching that utilizes principles of Conservation, Preservation and Restoration of both cultural and natural resources. This is a Living Learning Center where an international team of staff and volunteers are:

  • Restoring land devastated by drought and overgrazing
  • Revitalizing degraded soils and wetlands
  • Raising Buffalo, demonstrating their economic, cultural and bio-restorative viability
  • Raising Paint Mustangs, practicing natural horse training and holistic care
  • Growing Organic Gardens
  • Wild crafting and use of Medicinal and Edible plants
  • Providing experiential learning for ranching communities as well as international guests, students, interns and volunteers
  • Blending ancient wisdom with emerging science and technologies, collaborating with educators, scientists, organizations and Wisdom Keepers to promote the well being of all life in this primary bio-region
  • Restoring habitat for threatened and endangered species
  • Increasing bio-diversity in plant and wildlife habitat


“This model serves the Native, ranching and global community as an educational arena for interdependent yet self-sufficient harmonious life.

We believe this practical work of demonstrating healthy and harmonious living while educating the children, is a way to create a social and cultural bridge for growth and healing in the Native communities. We hope to help them restore the vitality of their lives by embracing the richness of their own culture and heritage (including buffalo, horses, sacred herbs, and ceremony) – making it viable in the modern world. This work honors the old ways, the present situation, and the hope of the future. Our living question is how to create a practical spirituality – ‘Does it grow corn? Does it create sustainable and beneficial community on all levels of life?’

We believe that teaching through modeling of workable systems is the key to transforming our society’s current unsustainable practices.

Brooke Medicine Eagle, Crow, Author and Spiritual Leader, SGI Board of Advisors


Tanah returned after 20 years to her childhood home and ranch to begin this larger than life project. Please join her and follow the progress of the people and the adventures of the Buffalo!

A new blog, A VOICE OF NATURE shares the miracles and day to day operations, the people involved, and the roads we travel and discover. It is so important that we be able to share with you the gifts we are receiving and say thank you to you for making such a difference in the lives of so many.

You can also visit our BISON FOR THE BRAVE site. This project is aimed at supporting veterans and families with healthy bison meat to supplement and support them.

On behalf of the Buffalo and all who love them,

Thank you!

Tanah Whitemore, Director























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